Found chiming wall clock…

Yeah so recently I’ve been searching for chime wall clocks. I like all types of antique clocks but my favourites are definitely mantel clocks. Wall clocks just don’t have the type of charms as a clock you place on your fireplace shelf. The only downside to this is that they’re usually the most expensive out of the bunch (for example, the most expensive one I found was on Amazon for over $3000 Canadian). That’s crazy if you ask me, so I would never ever buy it.

It’s very important when thinking about purchasing a mantel clock to become knowledgeable about one’s choices. This kind of time was remarkably popular within the 19th and 18th centuries since it was fairly cheap to make. The title really originates from the truth that these lamps were small to be positioned on the mantel of someone. These lamps don’t have to be continued the mantel of one . They may be located anywhere across the house. Furthermore, choices for mantel clocks contain perhaps a wide selection of antique clocks, contemporary types of the mantel clock, or copies or reproductions of antique lamps from different times. This manual has an introduction of the various kinds of mantel clock the supplies and designs as well as accessible they come in. It contains a part on purchase and the best way to discover mantel clock on eBay.

Martin Shkreli is innocent

If you do all the research for him, he’s innocent.

The media are just trying to portray him as this evil mastermind behind things that he hasn’t even done. All he did was strategically increase the price of a drug so his own company could make a bigger profit margin, which is widely accepted and encouraged in the industry. This is no different than Pfizer doing the same thing, or recently Mylan with Epipens.

Daraprim cures Toxoplasmosis, which affects AIDS patients (20% about) and it only takes about 40 days to cure while taking Daraprim.